Healthcare Services

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Southpark Management is deeply committed to providing an outstanding experience for your patients and visitors, from the very moment they arrive at your hospital. In line with our company philosophy, our Healthcare team is a considerate and compassionate ally for healthcare providers and organizations. We prioritize personal, attentive service to help mitigate the stress patients may experience upon arrival.

Exceptional Experience: Leveraging years of experience with over 50 healthcare clients across the country, Southpark Management possesses distinctive knowledge and proficiency in providing specialized services to support our partners. Our culture of empathetic care is reinforced by value-based decisions, structured programs, and analytics. Southpark Management doesn’t just promise to enrich the overall patient and visitor experience – we have the evidence to prove it.

Streamlined Services: Southpark Management’s wide array of Healthcare Programs enables you to consolidate services under a single contract. This approach is not only cost-efficient, but it also minimizes patient hand-offs and provides a uniform appearance to numerous groups of frontline caregivers.

Passionate Leadership: The leadership at Southpark Management is an enthusiastic team that exudes a warm and nurturing culture, making it a perfect match for hospitals and healthcare organizations. The Healthcare Services team is helmed by Stephanie Barnes, who brings more than 12 years of experience in hospital settings and leading patient experience initiatives.